Konti na lang!

It's been a long time since my last real update about... well, anything that has a connection with my life. I hardly blog these days and when you're a full-time student like me, you already know why. And it's not only my blog I'm not updating for the past weeks but also my Goodreads account. I'm currently stuck at 199 and I can't find the time to finish my 200th book! Uuh. I miss reading so much that I want to throw all the books and the lessons and the classes away! Sigh. But apparently, I can't do that. So I'm not only stuck at 199 but I'm also stuck being a college student for more than a week.
And since blogging can be a hassle these days, you can check me out at Twitter! As much as I want to blog ever freaking day of my life and share it with you, I can't. But, I ALWAYS update in Twitter and you can follow me there! Don't worry, I'll follow you back. ;)
But as my title goes, konti na lang! Konting kembot na lang at makakaraos na rin ako! Good luck sa mga may exam na, pero sa mga tulad kong sa January pa... BAKASYON NA TAYO! =))

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