Ampanget ng header ko. Lololol. =)))) Ala kasi akong time kasi kausap ko sa phone kanina si Jorenn, kaya mejo nikikilig pa ko ng bahagya. :"> :P


Imma sleep na, or not. :O

Bye! :-h

It moved through me. It makes me want to NOT to grow up. Because sometimes, life's just too hard to cope up with. Unlike when we're kids, nothing to worry about. Not minding what's happening around you. About what's happening around the world.

But we can never go back. Just, GROW UP. :'>

Hiyee! :)))

Woooh. What-a-day. O.o

Nothing happened surprising actually. Haha. =)) So we got back from Manaoag, and we bought so many pasalubong! Yey! Hahaha. :))))

I bought 2kilos of chicos, or three? Haha. And bukayong mani! And tupig! Jorenn loves it. :"> I also bought him a blessed necklace from Manaoag, just like mine. :"> I bought a pair of rosaries for us, but the other one was lost. :(


Tapos kanina, kumaen kami ng fried noodles with siomai. Nag-chopsticks kami, hindi ako marunong. Hihi. :">



Sherlock Holmes.



We are going to Manaoag, Pangasinan tomorrow! \:D/

Ala lang. It's my first trip to somewhere else besides Nueva Ecija, so I'm feeling giddy! :">

- I'm gonna watch Sherlock Holmes later. :-bd


Nagpunta kami sa La Fuente, as posted earlier. Kami sana'y makikipag-proposal sa isang noodle-making factory na kung pwede gumawa sa place nila.

Pero sa kasamaang palad, siya ay NATUTULOG pa "DAW".

Eh dahil ayaw naman kaming entertainin ng mga buset na tauhan niya, nag-pasya na lang kami nila Ahren and Nikka na umuwi na. Nasayang lamang ang aking 65 pesos sa pamasahe. :|

Tapos, nag-punta akong Mega, sa `di inaasahang pangyayari (LolJk.) andun pala ang nobyo ko, kasama ang bunso nyang kapatid at ang mommy nila.

Habang nanunuod ako ng Taekwondo Region 3 Championships sa Mega, text text kami. Magkita daw kami. So nagpunta ako sa tapat ng Levi's.

At nagkakilala na kami ng mommy niya.

Eh `di syempre, sa aking kahihiyan, nag-mistulang anghel ako. Ngingiti ngiti. Tatangu-tango. Ala lang. Nakayuko. Kumaen sa Chowking. Ngiti.

Hanggang mag-2pm na at napag-pasyahang umuwi na.

Kaya umuwi na kami. =))))

Going to La Fuente, Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija.

For our thesis study, Kangkong Noodles. \:D/

I'll be with Nikka, Ahren, Ej, James, and Aldwin. :-bd



I'm planning to change my background photo. Ano maganda? :)))

- Anyways, I finished our "group" blog! :-bd

And now, mag-chichikahan na kami ng nobyo ko. Chos. =)))

Gdnight! :-h

I'm missing.


Andun lahat ng happiness ko eh. Hindi tulad ng start ng 2011 ko, bv ang mga pangyayari. :|

I hope that the coming months will be ok. *crossfingers*

I love you Lord. Sorry for everything.


Using Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome. Why so baaaaagaaaal right now? :O :|


Hindi ko lang alam kung bakit, pero gandang ganda talaga ako sa Letters to Juliet. Siguro kasi napaka-gwapo ni Chris Egan, pero. Gandang ganda talaga ako na kahit mapanuod ko siya ulit, ayos lang. Haha. =))))

"Letters to Juliet" Summary

Letters to Juliet is a romantic movie in a way that it brought two old hearts back together and two new ones as well.

It started when Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) went to Verona with his fiancĂ©, Viktor for a pre-honeymoon. But since Viktor only minds his business while they were there, Sophie went sight-seeing on her own and found Juliet Capulet's house and saw girls of different nationalities writing "Letters to Juliet".

This intrigued her so she watched the girls as they all went home. Then a woman went there and collected the letters and put them in a basket and went away. She followed the woman and saw that other women, including the first one were all writing letters back to the girls as Juliet. They call themselves "Secretaries of Juliet."

The next day, while Viktor was busy, Sophie went with the woman to collect the letters as well and discovered a  letter written 50 years ago.

They went back to the house of the secretaries and they told Sophie to write back to the letter, and she did.

The following day, a handsome English man went inside the house of the Secretaries and asked if who's the one behind the letter. Sophie said that it was she who wrote back, and the man blamed her for letting his grandmother flew all the way from London to Verona.

Claire, the sender of the letter fifty years ago was now an old lady. His grandson, Charlie disapproves of the behavior if her grandmother for pursuing again her past lover.

But Sophie, as a fact checker, volunteered to help Claire find her Lorenzo. They found out that there are many Lorenzos in Verona so they searched for a week.

After days of searching, they found out that a Lorenzo Bartolini (?) has died. Charlie blamed Sophie for the additional loss she gave to Claire.

But on their way in search of the real Lorenzo, Claire spotted a young man who looked like Lorenzo. She ordered Charlie to halt the car.

They asked the man what his name is and he told them that it was, in fact, Lorenzo. But Claire, although confirmed that it was Lorenzo, wants to back out to meet the grandfather of the young man.

But destiny made the two back together because the real Lorenzo Bartolini came just in time and realized immediately that it was Claire.

And they rekindled the old flame.

Back at New York, Sophie broke up with Viktor. She went to Verona to attend the wedding of Clair and Lorenzo and to confess her love for Charlie.

But when she was talking with Charlie, a girl named Patricia interrupted them. Sophie thought it was Charlie's ex-girlfriend and thought that they got back together.

As the wedding reception continued, Sophie can't take her heart break and decided to go back to New York. But Charlie followed her and confessed to her that that Patricia was his cousin and not his past lover. And Sophie also confessed her love for Charlie.
I haven't posted blogs lately. Mm? I got bored and pissed. The movies I downloaded were all fake. Ugh. I downloaded them for like a day or two and they won't open. :|

I didn't attended my morning classes today! (Proud?) Hahaha. :))))

So now. I'm gonna post my reviews on the movie I watched last weekend. :-bd


(500) Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer is not a typical romance-comedy movie that you'd get to see every year. First of all, it is not a love story, as well said at the beginning of the movie. It's not about a boy meets a girl, they fall in love, happily ever after and then, the end. Typical right?

It revolves around the main protagonist, Tom, a graduate of architecture but get to work at a greeting card company. He then meets Summer, a girl that have a 60's hairstyle, a fun and quirky attitude.

So nagkakilala sila. At first, hindi muna tinanong ni Tom si Summer to go out, but an occasion of the company brought the two together to have fun. So naging acquaintances, and then friends.

Yung not-so-typical story ng movie is that, Summer doesn't believe in love. When the two of them started to date, sinabi niya kay Tom na ayaw niya maging serious in their relationship, casual lang kung baga.

Pero on Tom's side, he really wants Summer so bad na dumating na yung time na nawala na yung newness nung relationship nila and Summer became bored. Bored kasi, mahahalata mo naman yun kapag hindi na siya masyadong masaya. Hindi na talkative. Sawa na.

And when Summer broke up with Tom, hindi niya kinaya because he thought that Summer "was the one" for him. He took it seriously na he quit his job eventually and break down.

But he felt that he was not supposed to sulk about it. He started to pursue his dreams as an architect again. And sa isang wedding ng co-worker nya sa dating greeting card company na pinagtatrabahuhan niya, he met Summer on the way. They chatted over coffee. Then sa wedding, Summer asks Tom to go to a party that she will be having.

Tom went to Summer's party with expectations na sana "eto na ulit yon". But his expectations were wrong kasi, it was Summer's engagement party. He then walks away. Galit sa mundo. Syempre, ikaw man yun.

And that's the funny thing. Hindi sila nagkatuluyan when from the start, you'll thought that they should be. They  look cute together, have fun together, do silly things together. Pero, HINDI sila nagkatuluyan.

Summer got married.

When Tom was hanging out at his favorite place, Summer walks in. Nagkakwentuhan sila. And yun. Naglabas ng sama ng loob si Tom. He told Summer na maybe she was right, happy endings and love doesn't exist. It's just a fantasy, both destiny and fate.

Pero Summer told him na, destiny and fate exists. Why? Kasi what if, hindi siya nagpunta sa coffee shop kung san niya nakilala ang husband niya ngayon. What if nauna siyang umalis, o hindi pumunta. Andun siya, kasi it was destiny.

And sa part ng love? Pano niya nalaman if love nga yung naramdaman niya para sa husband niya? No reasons at all. Love has no reasons. Basta alam mo lang na yun na yung "the one".

At the end of the movie, Tom meets a girl named Autumn, and he took a chance right there in asking her to go out. Because he thought, what will happen if hindi ko siya inaya? If he never took a chance. If pinabayaan lang niya yung opportunity.

Happy ending pa rin sa huli.

CLSU-CAT went well. :-bd

So, nag-exam na kami yesterday sa CLSU. And it's okay. Nothing too hard. Sakto lang. :D And thank God! \m/

We woke up extra early and byumahe ng 6am and arrvied at 6:49am sa CLSU. So nag-exam ako hanngang 11am and kuamin kami ng luch sa tabi ng examination room ni Jorenn. :D

Then nag-exam sya hanggang 4pm and mag-isa ako sa CoEd tambayan ng 3hours. Soundtrip ako habang ineenjoy ang napakahangin na ambiance. :-bd

Tapos nung 4pm, duamting sila Jo and Jenna and we went to Philippine Carabao Center to buy pasalubong! We bought pastillas and milk and cheese. :D

Then we went home na. Sumakay kami sa Baliwag Transit going to Cubao and ayun. Nakatulog ako habang naka-hug si Jorenn. :">

Tapos dahil sobrang pagod kami ni Jorenn, bumaba kami sa Crossing, akala namin andun yung Five Mama's, wala pala. HAHAHA. =))) Kaya naglakad pa kami at nadagdagan ang gutom kaya't madaming kaming nakain sa Five Mama's. Wahahaha. :)))

At pagkauwi, NATULOG na ko. :-bd


Hindi pa ko nagrereview sa Phycis. =)))

Hassleness. Eh ang dami nun. Wahaha. :)))

Tapos yung project ko sa English, ampanget ng cover. Hahahaha. =)))

Tapos, ang sakit mangagat ng lamok. Hassle.

Goodnight, Imma rebyow na! :-h


I'm planning something.

Yep. I am planning to turn my blog into a movie-review-slash-song-review-blog! :-bd

But, I don't know how. Hahaha! =))))

Um. Things that I need to do first are:

- Finsing a site that plays the latest movies without malware.
- Free time.
- A DVD-rom. Yes, walang CD-rom o DVD-rom, o floppy drive man lang ang aking cpu. Flash drive lang.

Kailangan ko nyan. I am cuurently looking for downloadable movies in Google, pero sabi ng nobyo ko, `wag dun. Ma-virus. HAHAHA. :)))

Help. ( : |


Chem was so eazy. Lol. =))) I answered TWO problems correctly, at para sakin, milestone na yun. HAHAHAH. :))))

Calculus was so-so, and bukas...

WALANG KLASEYY! =))) Pero gagawa kami ng thesis, but it will be fuuuuun! :D :-bd

So ayun, andito kanina sa bahay si Jowrinn. Ginawa niya ang aming computer na napasukan ng malware. Eh `di ayun. :D

Nothing productive today. I want sleep. ( : |

- Bye! I'll blog tomorrow na ~*lAngzz*~ Ciao! :-h



Well, as Saturday comes nearer, bigla na lang akong kinabahan. Saturday is the CLSU-CAT. And Aprille - my friend, Jorenn - my boyfriend, and I will be taking the exam.

Since last December ko pa hinihiling kay God na SANA *crossfingers*, na SANA talaga, makapasa ako at si Jorenn at lahat ng magtetake.

CLSU is my dream school. Eto talaga yung school na gusto kong pumasok, mag-aral, magtapos. At sa sabado, SANA gabayan kaming lahat ni Lord.

Hindi naman ako nag-pepray kay Lord na mangyari na lang yun without doing anything, syempre ginagawa namin ni Jorenn lahat para makapag review kami. Sabi nga nung priest samin last Thursday, "Nasa Diyos ang awa ang nasa tao ang gawa."

Kaya sana Lord marinig mo `to. Gagawin po namin lahat. I love you Lord. Thank you. O:)

Konichiwa! :>

So I finished printing my novel for my Enlgish project. :-bd And the only thing I need to worry is to think of three poems to add. :D

What happened to my day? Hmmm. Let me see..

Well, it's exam week staring today and the first subject is TRIGO, so when I was answering my paper, I just circle the letters that I feel. HAHAHAHA. =))) Ok lang. Babawi na lang ako sa 4th Grading! \m/

Tapos Filipino. Eh `di syempre, madaming nasagot ang lola niyo. HAHAHA. :)))) \:D/

Tapos nung hapon, English. Ok lang naman sya, pero ang badtrip na part eh, hindi yun ang nareview ko. WAHAHAHA. =)))

Then we went to 7 11 to eat merienda. Nag-noodles kami! Chaka big uhaw and pocky! :"> Then Iyee, Aprille, and Jomz went to 7-11 too. Then we went home na. :D

Tapos dahil pageant ngaung gabi, postponed ang exams for tomorrow! Yeah! \m/ :-bd


At yun lang. Hahaha. :D

 - Ano ang tulang gagawin ko? :-??


Happy Anniversary to us! :">

Wiiiiih! Hahahaha. :">

Eh `di ako na masaya. HAHAHA. Sobrang saya in fact. :"> Ikekwento ko na angaking istorya. HAHA! Here it goes:

Eh `di ayun, sinundo nya ko sa bahay kasi nga magsisimba kami. Umaga pa yun, mga 9:40am. Eh di nagpunta na kami sa Cathedral, and when the mass started, ENGLISH pala! HAHA. :))) So nosebleed kaming dalawa. Buti na lang tagalog ang homiliya ni father.

Eh `di ayun, nung natapos na ang misa, mga bandang 11:10. Nagturok kami ng kandila for our families and for ourselves as well. :"> Sweet. <3

Tapos, nagluch na kami sa McDo. Tapos, bigayan na ng gift! Nung nasa Cathedral kami, todo tago kami ng paperbags namin dahil ayaw namin ipakita yung gift namin sa isa't isa. HAHAHA.

Eh `di ayun na nga, nagbigayan na kami. Siya ang unang nagbigay, and it was sooo cuteee! :">
Ang cute right? I named it Jorenn, after his name. HAHAHA. :))) Tapos nung binigay niya sakin yan, may yakap-yakap syang Ferrero Rocher. :"> Nung Christmas kasi, I told him na ang sweet ng guy kapag bingyan nya ng heart-shaped chocolate. Kaya soooobrang tuwa ko. :"> <3

Then, ako naman. HAHA! I gave him my dummy gift. Which is para hindi nya malaman agad na couple ring yung gift ko. Then, when he opened it, bigla ko binigay yung ring! :"> HAHAHA. =)))
Here's my gift!
 Here we us earing our rings! :"> <3

Eh `di ayun. Sobrang saya ko hndi ako makakaen at first. HAHA. :">

Then we went to Pacific and Robs. Then konting tampupuhan. HAHAHA. :">

Dr. Pearl and Rave Racer. :">

- I had the time of my life, so far. :"> <3


At napansin ko ulit.

Sa Sabado na ang CLSU-CAT! :|

Eh di syempre kinakabahan ako. Kasi yun lang ang kukuhanan ko. :(

Haaay. :|

Sana Lord makapasa kaming lahat na magtetake. Pleassse. :(

I love you Lord. :(

At napansin ko lang...

Bukas na pala talaga ang aming First Anniversary. Yiee! Haha. :)))) Pero hindi naman ako gano ka-excited. Pero curious ako sa bibigay nya. =)))

Sana lang maging memorable bukas! :">

(Exams next week. Pero busy ako for other things. :P)


Tapos na mga ginagawa ko! :> At kahit nasa bahay ako, andami kong nagawa. :D

Natapos ko na ang aking maikling nobela para sa project ko sa English.

Nakagawa na ko ng t-shirt para kay Kris.

See! She loves anime so ayan yung ginawa ko. Sana magustuhan nya. :-bd

At naibalot ko na din ang dummy gift and ang nakapag-print na rin ako ng letter for him para bikas! :">



I need to finish my project in English. Kbye! :>


Nag-iisip ako ng magandang surprise.

Para kanino? Sa nobyo ko! First Anniversary namin sa Sunday. :">

Eh ayun nga. Hindi pa ko nakakaisip ng magandang surprise! Hassle. O.o

Um. Ano naman kaya ang maganda? Ang balak ko naman kasi, bigyan sya ng isang dummy gift. Tapos chaka ko ibibgay yung gift ko sa kanya na couple rings. Tee hee. :">

Eh kaya lang...

Susunduin nya ko kapag kami'y nag-date na! Hahaha. =))))

Eto ang plano:

Susunduin nya ko tapos magsisimba kami sa Cathedral, then go to McDo, then labing labing na. Hahahaha. :))))

Eh gusto ko sya surprisin eh. Tsk. :|

Ano ang aking gagawin? :-??


Eh gabi na. Ako'y nakakaen na. Pero hindi pa ko nagpapalit ng uniform! Hahaha. =)))

Eh di ayun. Pumasok ako kaninang 12:30 for my afternoon class.

WALA naman palang klase! O.o

Pero nag-quiz kami kaya ok lang. At habang nagrereview kami para sa aming quiz nga sa Filipno, kami'y nagtatawanan lang. Kasama ang aking mga kaibigan. Sila Pat, Ria, Jeng, Jenna, Aprille at mga kaklase, Noriel, Pia, Lem, at Don.

Kami'y sadyang nalalaptrip kaya nagagalit ang mga kaklaseng nagrereview. Hahahaha. =)))))

Eh di ayun. After nung quiz, uwian na. Kaya nagkita kami ni Kulot. Eh may defend pa sila ng thesis, kaya hindi kami nagkasama ng matagal. :|

At syempre, ang bumuo ng araw ko.



Ngayun pa lang ako gagayak. Joke lang yung kanina. :))

Bye! Off to school na ko maya. :">



Now eating Bicol Express! Sarap. Sa sobrang sarap at anghang, mapapa Ah! Ah! Ah! ka! :P :-bd

Kung ikaw ay nagtataka kung bakit ako'y nasa harap ng computer, ito ay sa kadahilanang,


Well sabi ko, ayaw tumigil ng ubo ko kaya mayang afternooon classes na lang ako papasok. :-bd \:D/

At 11:00 am na sa aking relo. Gtg. Gagayak na ~phoewz~ ako. :-bd


I changed my mind! :>

I'll sleep later. Pero ang aking nobyo ay tulog na. :| Anyways, I'll post a picture of us together here! Hihi. :">

Here! Nag-perform kami ng sabayang pagbigkas neto and we're waiting fir the results nyan. :-bd

I love you Jorenn S. Del Mundo! :* :">

Gusto ko ng grumaduate.


Eh basta. Hindi na ko nag-eenjoy. Lahat ng tao (except myfriends) BV ako. :|
Sobrang dami pa ng bayarin. Ano beh nemen yen. :|

Sana talaga makapasa kami sa aming pag-e examan na college. Haaaay..

Going to sleep now! :>

Goodnight ~phoewz~ ;) <3

Look! :O

My gift for our First anniversary! :">

Kilig. :"> 

Hope he likes it! :-bd


Cover nang book ko sa project ko sa English! :-bd
I made this myself kaya proud ako. Haha. :p

Sir Larry's birthday Mass. :)

  • Sir Larry celebrated his birthday today so…
  • WALANG KLASE! :)))
  •  But we still had our Physics quiz. Galing talaga ni Ser. =)))
  •  Eh ayun nga. Hahaha. NANGAMOTE ako. :)))
  • Ako'y nag-doodle lamang sa aking test paper. :))
  • Eh ayun. Ayun na nga, eh di ayun nga.
  • Kumaen kami sa McDo. Nag treat si Aprille kasi she passed the UPCAT. \m/
  • Yeah, my friend passed. Galing noh? :-bd
  • And ayun. Umuwi na ko agad. Hehe. :)
  • Hindi kami sabay ni Kulot umuwi. And I miss him. :"> <3


I'm going to sleep na. :>

Four days to go until our First year Anniversary! :">

Bbye! Good night. :">

Physics. Please leave. O_o
So. I didn't attended my Physics class this morning.
Instead, I went to the bleachers and do my Math lectures with my friend, Faith. :-bd
I wrote two poems for my project in English! :">
My Chemistry quiz went well. :-bd
Our Math class also went well. Amen.
Our MAPEH quiz was sooo easy. \:D/
And the, we don't have class in our shop! \:D/
So. Me and Kulot ate merienda at the student garden.
Tokwa, mannga, and lumpia! :">
Tralalala~. <3


I am speechless. :P

The day went well but, there are few things that I didn't like about it.
We haven't yet had a quiz on physics. And that's the good part.
I didn't get a high score in our Filipino quiz.
Research went well. And our thesis is moving on. But, we need to prepare a thousand pesos for the expenses. (That's the bad part of my day)
We had a "tampuhan" (Kulot and I) before I went to Pacific.
But then, I already bought a gift for our Anniversary! I'm not telling what it is. :">


Sir Fortunato didn't meet us today in our Physics class and that was a great start for the day! :P
Then I answered my Economics recitation easily.
I chat with Aprille all through our Chemistry class.
I stared at my Trigonometry Chapter quiz.
I lectured my Trigonometry notes instead of eating lunch.
I didn't answered my two recitation questions in MAPEH.
We only had a seatwork at our Shop.
And the, we went to Kris' house for her birthday treat! :D
I was with Totz, Nikka and friends, then Joms, Aprille, and Chrizza.
We had a lot of fun. We sang. We dance. We ate! ATE! ATE! =))
Malabon, spaghetti, lechon, cake, and ice cream! :D

That was my day so far. I miss Kulot na. :"> <3