"Letters to Juliet" Summary

Letters to Juliet is a romantic movie in a way that it brought two old hearts back together and two new ones as well.

It started when Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) went to Verona with his fiancĂ©, Viktor for a pre-honeymoon. But since Viktor only minds his business while they were there, Sophie went sight-seeing on her own and found Juliet Capulet's house and saw girls of different nationalities writing "Letters to Juliet".

This intrigued her so she watched the girls as they all went home. Then a woman went there and collected the letters and put them in a basket and went away. She followed the woman and saw that other women, including the first one were all writing letters back to the girls as Juliet. They call themselves "Secretaries of Juliet."

The next day, while Viktor was busy, Sophie went with the woman to collect the letters as well and discovered a  letter written 50 years ago.

They went back to the house of the secretaries and they told Sophie to write back to the letter, and she did.

The following day, a handsome English man went inside the house of the Secretaries and asked if who's the one behind the letter. Sophie said that it was she who wrote back, and the man blamed her for letting his grandmother flew all the way from London to Verona.

Claire, the sender of the letter fifty years ago was now an old lady. His grandson, Charlie disapproves of the behavior if her grandmother for pursuing again her past lover.

But Sophie, as a fact checker, volunteered to help Claire find her Lorenzo. They found out that there are many Lorenzos in Verona so they searched for a week.

After days of searching, they found out that a Lorenzo Bartolini (?) has died. Charlie blamed Sophie for the additional loss she gave to Claire.

But on their way in search of the real Lorenzo, Claire spotted a young man who looked like Lorenzo. She ordered Charlie to halt the car.

They asked the man what his name is and he told them that it was, in fact, Lorenzo. But Claire, although confirmed that it was Lorenzo, wants to back out to meet the grandfather of the young man.

But destiny made the two back together because the real Lorenzo Bartolini came just in time and realized immediately that it was Claire.

And they rekindled the old flame.

Back at New York, Sophie broke up with Viktor. She went to Verona to attend the wedding of Clair and Lorenzo and to confess her love for Charlie.

But when she was talking with Charlie, a girl named Patricia interrupted them. Sophie thought it was Charlie's ex-girlfriend and thought that they got back together.

As the wedding reception continued, Sophie can't take her heart break and decided to go back to New York. But Charlie followed her and confessed to her that that Patricia was his cousin and not his past lover. And Sophie also confessed her love for Charlie.

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