(500) Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer is not a typical romance-comedy movie that you'd get to see every year. First of all, it is not a love story, as well said at the beginning of the movie. It's not about a boy meets a girl, they fall in love, happily ever after and then, the end. Typical right?

It revolves around the main protagonist, Tom, a graduate of architecture but get to work at a greeting card company. He then meets Summer, a girl that have a 60's hairstyle, a fun and quirky attitude.

So nagkakilala sila. At first, hindi muna tinanong ni Tom si Summer to go out, but an occasion of the company brought the two together to have fun. So naging acquaintances, and then friends.

Yung not-so-typical story ng movie is that, Summer doesn't believe in love. When the two of them started to date, sinabi niya kay Tom na ayaw niya maging serious in their relationship, casual lang kung baga.

Pero on Tom's side, he really wants Summer so bad na dumating na yung time na nawala na yung newness nung relationship nila and Summer became bored. Bored kasi, mahahalata mo naman yun kapag hindi na siya masyadong masaya. Hindi na talkative. Sawa na.

And when Summer broke up with Tom, hindi niya kinaya because he thought that Summer "was the one" for him. He took it seriously na he quit his job eventually and break down.

But he felt that he was not supposed to sulk about it. He started to pursue his dreams as an architect again. And sa isang wedding ng co-worker nya sa dating greeting card company na pinagtatrabahuhan niya, he met Summer on the way. They chatted over coffee. Then sa wedding, Summer asks Tom to go to a party that she will be having.

Tom went to Summer's party with expectations na sana "eto na ulit yon". But his expectations were wrong kasi, it was Summer's engagement party. He then walks away. Galit sa mundo. Syempre, ikaw man yun.

And that's the funny thing. Hindi sila nagkatuluyan when from the start, you'll thought that they should be. They  look cute together, have fun together, do silly things together. Pero, HINDI sila nagkatuluyan.

Summer got married.

When Tom was hanging out at his favorite place, Summer walks in. Nagkakwentuhan sila. And yun. Naglabas ng sama ng loob si Tom. He told Summer na maybe she was right, happy endings and love doesn't exist. It's just a fantasy, both destiny and fate.

Pero Summer told him na, destiny and fate exists. Why? Kasi what if, hindi siya nagpunta sa coffee shop kung san niya nakilala ang husband niya ngayon. What if nauna siyang umalis, o hindi pumunta. Andun siya, kasi it was destiny.

And sa part ng love? Pano niya nalaman if love nga yung naramdaman niya para sa husband niya? No reasons at all. Love has no reasons. Basta alam mo lang na yun na yung "the one".

At the end of the movie, Tom meets a girl named Autumn, and he took a chance right there in asking her to go out. Because he thought, what will happen if hindi ko siya inaya? If he never took a chance. If pinabayaan lang niya yung opportunity.

Happy ending pa rin sa huli.

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