Sir Ang-isms Part 3

Nung Lunes, nung nagka-klase kami sa Physics, nag-"overshare" na naman si Sir (at hindi ko alam kung bakit napunta kami sa topic nato) ng life lessons. Sabi niya, ever since nung teenager siya, kapag kakaen sila sa table kasama ang family niya, lagi siyang binabati ng dad niya at sinasabi sa kanya na mag-diet siya dahil ang taba-taba na niya. That went on for a lot of years at thirty plus years old na daw niya nasabi sa daddy niya na masaya siya sa katawan niya.
Wala daw siyang pakielam sa looks. Like, kapag daw oily yung face niya tapos maghihilamos siya ng face sa office niya tapos walang soap at Joy lang andun, yun na din gagamitin niya. Kasi daw, ikaka-gwapo o ikaka-panget pa daw ba niyang lalo kung gagamit pa siya ng mga cheche bureche na facial wash.
Tapos yung nga daw sa pagkaen. Nasa 40s na daw siya, konti na lang daw itatagal niya sa mundo, tapos yun pa bang pagkain na i-e enjoy niya e hindi masarap. Parang, kailangan mag-enjoy ka kasi kung mamamatay ka, at least namatay kang masaya. Ganun.
Yun nga. Ang lesson na natutunan ko ay yun nga, wag tayo masyadong mag-pundar sa looks. Hindi naman doon nakikita ang pagkatao ng isang tao at hindi rin naman yun ang pinaka-mahalaga (unless mag-bu Beauty Queen ka) at maging masaya tayo sa kung ano tayo. Love your bod, ba. Tanggapin mo yung sarili mo kung ano ka. At lagi mong tatandaan na hindi ka pangit, yung ugali ng mga taong nanglalait sayo ang pangit. :-)


Sir Ang-isms Part 2

Three months ago, when we were having our second class (I think) on Physics, Sir Ang asked a question. The question was: Is 5 feet tall or short?
Before the start of the class, Sir Ang would collect our IDs and will use them to call someone who would answer the question.
And then he picked my ID! I answered: Sakto lang po.
It's just, 5 feet is tall enough if you're a girl but that would be small for a boy.
Setting that aside, let's analyze the quote: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
Okay... Yep. That's the lesson I learned that day. Sir Ang told me to answer specifically and to keep the main thing the main thing.
He told us that Filipinos tend to stay away from the main question and their answers are mostly far from what the answer should be. Like if you'd ask someone: Kumaen ka na ba? He'll answer: Kanina pa.
It's funny, but then it's also the truth. And when you're on the receiving end, it's also annoying.
And from that day forward, I always try to NOT answer "Sakto lang po" or "Okay lang po" when someone asks me a question. Haha!
P.S. I wanted to tease Sir Ang the other day cos when I asked him if he liked the Percy Jackson and the Olympian book series, he answered "Okay lang." Hahahahaha! :p



Are you suffering from astigmatism? If you are, then you'll know how difficult it is to suffer from it especially if you're like a student like me.
During the time when I still have no idea that I have an eye problem, I've been experiencing massive headaches and migraines. I thought what caused those headaches was stress - too much things going on at school, too many requirements to be submitted, etc.
Meanwhile, every time we are copying lectures, it's really a great difficulty to stare at the blackboard/whiteboard and decipher the words written, especially you are 1 meter away (my last name starts with M so my seat is usually placed in the middle of the classroom) from it. My classmates (especially my seatmates) are all forcing me to have an eye check-up, probably because it annoys them to hell that I'm asking every word that's written on the board. So last last week, when Jorenn and I were walking along the shops at Mega Center, we stopped at Ideal Vision and asked if how much an eye check-up is. They said it was free so we had our eyes checked. Before the test was even finished, the consultant already told me that I have astigmatism. And at that time, I don't know what the hell astigmatism is.
When I went home, I told my mom that when she'll buy new eyeglasses (because her vision jumped from 3.75 to 4.50 after three years of not replacing her glasses), I'll come along and get a pair too. So last September 4, we went to Ideal Vision. When the optometrist first tested a pair of lenses for me to use (after scanning my eyes again), it was like a haze was lifted off the earth. Seriously. I never knew that things SHOULD be that clear and all this time, I was looking through a pair of eyes that can only see blurry images.
According to the Internet searches I made, astigmatism is when our vision is all blurry and when we can't focus our eyes on a certain point object.
So after getting my new pair of eyeglasses last Thursday, I felt like singing the Rapunzel theme song, especially the line "and it's like the fog has lifted". Hahahaha!
So if you're experiencing headaches every now and then for no certain reason, go and get your eyes checked! Maybe you also have astigmatism and you can prevent from experiencing dizziness, vertigo, and nausea again. :-)

Sir Ang-isms

My professor in Physics always "overshare", as he calls it, every time we are having our class on Mondays and Thursdays. Mostly, those "overshare" interludes are lessons that he learned in the past, and wants to share with us.
Last Thursday,while we were having a group work, he corrected the answer my classmate gave on a question he asked. My answer was similar to my professor's answer but I don't want to go ahead and correct it, so I asked Jorenn to ask Sir Ang to read my answer and tell if it's correct or not.
Instead of answering the question like most teachers would do, he simply looked at me and told me that I know the answer and correct it myself.
Then came his "overshare" commercial. He told us that in the past, before making any decision, he would consult with his favorite godfather for advice. But years ago, his godfather died and he was left with no one but himself.
He told us that as we grow older, we need to make decisions based on what WE (ourselves) want or need. He told us that we (but he was looking at and referring to me) need to start making decisions for ourselves and that in the long run, our parents (or whoever we go to for advice) will not be there conveniently.
He smiled again at me and proceeded with the lesson.
From that day forward, I really make it to a point to make decisions based on what my heart/mind tells me to do (an example is this tablet which I bought spontaneously last week).
I really love it when Sir Ang shares his knowledge and wisdom with us. Will share more Sir Ang-isms this week! :-)


Mobile Blogging

I bought a tab last day so I just thought I'll test how it feels to blog using one. Haha! (This is a test post)


Pagka-wala nga ng tatay ko naka-move on ako eh, yun pa kayang pagka-wala mo. Hindi ka kawalan.