Are you suffering from astigmatism? If you are, then you'll know how difficult it is to suffer from it especially if you're like a student like me.
During the time when I still have no idea that I have an eye problem, I've been experiencing massive headaches and migraines. I thought what caused those headaches was stress - too much things going on at school, too many requirements to be submitted, etc.
Meanwhile, every time we are copying lectures, it's really a great difficulty to stare at the blackboard/whiteboard and decipher the words written, especially you are 1 meter away (my last name starts with M so my seat is usually placed in the middle of the classroom) from it. My classmates (especially my seatmates) are all forcing me to have an eye check-up, probably because it annoys them to hell that I'm asking every word that's written on the board. So last last week, when Jorenn and I were walking along the shops at Mega Center, we stopped at Ideal Vision and asked if how much an eye check-up is. They said it was free so we had our eyes checked. Before the test was even finished, the consultant already told me that I have astigmatism. And at that time, I don't know what the hell astigmatism is.
When I went home, I told my mom that when she'll buy new eyeglasses (because her vision jumped from 3.75 to 4.50 after three years of not replacing her glasses), I'll come along and get a pair too. So last September 4, we went to Ideal Vision. When the optometrist first tested a pair of lenses for me to use (after scanning my eyes again), it was like a haze was lifted off the earth. Seriously. I never knew that things SHOULD be that clear and all this time, I was looking through a pair of eyes that can only see blurry images.
According to the Internet searches I made, astigmatism is when our vision is all blurry and when we can't focus our eyes on a certain point object.
So after getting my new pair of eyeglasses last Thursday, I felt like singing the Rapunzel theme song, especially the line "and it's like the fog has lifted". Hahahaha!
So if you're experiencing headaches every now and then for no certain reason, go and get your eyes checked! Maybe you also have astigmatism and you can prevent from experiencing dizziness, vertigo, and nausea again. :-)

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