Sir Ang-isms Part 2

Three months ago, when we were having our second class (I think) on Physics, Sir Ang asked a question. The question was: Is 5 feet tall or short?
Before the start of the class, Sir Ang would collect our IDs and will use them to call someone who would answer the question.
And then he picked my ID! I answered: Sakto lang po.
It's just, 5 feet is tall enough if you're a girl but that would be small for a boy.
Setting that aside, let's analyze the quote: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
Okay... Yep. That's the lesson I learned that day. Sir Ang told me to answer specifically and to keep the main thing the main thing.
He told us that Filipinos tend to stay away from the main question and their answers are mostly far from what the answer should be. Like if you'd ask someone: Kumaen ka na ba? He'll answer: Kanina pa.
It's funny, but then it's also the truth. And when you're on the receiving end, it's also annoying.
And from that day forward, I always try to NOT answer "Sakto lang po" or "Okay lang po" when someone asks me a question. Haha!
P.S. I wanted to tease Sir Ang the other day cos when I asked him if he liked the Percy Jackson and the Olympian book series, he answered "Okay lang." Hahahahaha! :p

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