Sir Ang-isms

My professor in Physics always "overshare", as he calls it, every time we are having our class on Mondays and Thursdays. Mostly, those "overshare" interludes are lessons that he learned in the past, and wants to share with us.
Last Thursday,while we were having a group work, he corrected the answer my classmate gave on a question he asked. My answer was similar to my professor's answer but I don't want to go ahead and correct it, so I asked Jorenn to ask Sir Ang to read my answer and tell if it's correct or not.
Instead of answering the question like most teachers would do, he simply looked at me and told me that I know the answer and correct it myself.
Then came his "overshare" commercial. He told us that in the past, before making any decision, he would consult with his favorite godfather for advice. But years ago, his godfather died and he was left with no one but himself.
He told us that as we grow older, we need to make decisions based on what WE (ourselves) want or need. He told us that we (but he was looking at and referring to me) need to start making decisions for ourselves and that in the long run, our parents (or whoever we go to for advice) will not be there conveniently.
He smiled again at me and proceeded with the lesson.
From that day forward, I really make it to a point to make decisions based on what my heart/mind tells me to do (an example is this tablet which I bought spontaneously last week).
I really love it when Sir Ang shares his knowledge and wisdom with us. Will share more Sir Ang-isms this week! :-)

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