Friends and family. ❤

This month (and also this whole year) I learned that despite how sad and depressed we are, when we're in the presence of our friends and family, every problem will just melt into happiness.
So I just want to share how thankful I am to have  all of you in my life. Kahit hindi niyo alam na may problema ako, at kahit di ko sabihin, makasama at makausap ko lang kayo (sa phone man yan o online), nawawala na lahat.
Let's all welcome the new year with love and happiness and of course, gratitude to the Lord above. Without Him, we are all nothing. Thank you Lord, for a year full of blessings. Kahit minsan sobrang kapos na kapos, okay lang kasi kasama ko naman ang pamilya ko. Thank you po. Sana po lagi niyong gabayan at bigyan ng long life at good health ang mga loved ones ko, especially po si Kuya. Thank you. ❤

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