Learn to play at least one instrument in your life

Do you guys have a bucketlist? None? Me too. Lol. Well anyway, I read something years ago that a person should learn to play one instrument in his/her life. Okay. So, when I was in third year high school, I learned to play the flute. Uh-huh. And I thought to myself that that was enough. Lol.
But two weeks earlier this month, something random came to me... I want to learn how to play the guitar. So I asked my boyfriend Jorenn (who's an AWESOME instrumentalist) to teach me how to play it.
Jorenn started teaching  me how to play the basic chords C, D, E, G, and A (and their minor, 9, 7 chuchu chords). I still don't know how to play the F and B chords cos I'm too lazy to practice playing them loljk. I'm just busy with school.
ANYWAY! After practicing changing one chord to another while strumming for one and a half days, I already learned how to play three songs!!! YAYYYY! <3
The first song that I learned was Huling El Bimbo. The second song was Biglaan. And the third song (that I learned all by myself) was Mary's Song! Woot woot!
I know they're all easy-peesy-playing songs but I'm just happy with myself cos I really want to play the guitar since I was kid. :)
I also want a new guitar for myself now. Harhar

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