Tiny's Guide To Buying Secondhand Books

First of all, before you start constructing ideas, I'm not a pro on this. This is me, simply stating my guidelines when I buy secondhand books both online and in book sales, which again, I'm not a pro at. I just started last December, so... yun.
Anyway, in my mind, our local Book Sale is divided into three parts. 1.) The left side, which consists of battered copies of (sometimes) famous works and/or romance 2.) the right side, which consists of almost new copies of semi-famous and sometimes famous authors and 3.) the middle, which consists of children's books, cheap hardbound copies of unknown authors, etc. And now that it's settled, here are my guidelines:
  • Never buy a secondhand book that is worth above a hundred pesos. Ever. That is definitely a no-no for me. If you ever buy something a lot more than that, just make sure that it's almost brand new. Almost. No writings inside, no dog-eared pages, no wrinkled covers, and certainly no missing pages.
  • Always be aware of the condition of the book. Like I've said, the left side of our Book Sale consisted of battered copies of famous books, and most of them are priced higher than they should be. Mostly a hundred and more. Never buy those books. Just because they're famous, doesn't mean you need to buy them in their battered state. If it's priced more than a hundred, then why not buy a brand new copy instead?
  • If possible, establish a goal beforehand on how much you're going to spend. That way, you're choices will go down, and that will help you choose on what to buy. In my case, I always budget my money and prioritize, so I only save a little for books. Sometimes it's fifty pesos to seventy pesos to a hundred. That's my limit. So when I do that, my choices will then be limited so it's easier to look for "mura na, maganda pa" books.
  • If you're not sure whether the book is good or not, memorize the title or write it on a piece of paper, or save it in your phone so that when you go home, you can look it up on the Internet afterwards.
  • Always check the hardbound copies. Ironic as it may sound, the hardbound copies tend to have the cheapest prices. If the cover is lost, don't worry. The content is more important. And the price will be lower too.
  • Browse the children's books section. It's one of my weaknesses actually. I love them and I don't know why. Most of them are famous and written by well-known authors like Roald Dahl, C.S Lewis, Lemony Snicket, Laura Ingalls, etc. They have lower prices,  too.
  • Never give up! In a room full of books, more or less a thousand, there will always be one that you'd fall in love with.
That's it. If you're asking if I follow these rules, then yes I do. Happy reading! :-)

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