JUST GOT IN: Patterson & Defoe

Sorry for the crappy quality. I had to make do with my laptop's  webcam & phone's camera since my kuya brought the iPad with him (hirap ng naghihiram lang hahaha).
I bought these books at our local Book Sale earlier today. I saw Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas yesterday, but I didn't have any interest in buying it until I looked it up on Goodreads. I saw some reviews and the description so I told myself that I'll buy it the next day, which is today.
Since Jorenn is on a trip to Ilocos today, I decided to have the day all to myself. I went to the mall and ate at McDonald's and had coffee alone. I think it's been a long time since I did that. Hahaha. One of the non-benefits (meron bang word na ganito? lol) of having a boyfriend is  that you hardly have time alone with yourself. When I go out, it's either with Jorenn, my best friend, family, or with my friends.
After eating with my awesome date (hello, pagbigyan niyo na ko harhar), I then went to Book Sale to buy the book. Of course, once in a bookstore, I could never leave within five minutes. I have to browse for at least an hour before leaving. I think that's why the clerk's always glaring at me. Lol. I think I must be lucky today since they were restocking the shelves with new arrivals. While I was doing my usual browsing, I saw the second book that I bought today which is Robinson Crusoe. Yes, it's familiar and it's well-known, so I bought it. The reason I thought myself as lucky today is because it only costs 15 pesos. All in all, I only paid 60 pesos (Suzanne's Diary only costs 45 pesos) for my books!

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