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I often think about reading as an escape. It helps me get away with the problems I have to deal with my life everyday. What are those problems? Don't bother asking. Anyway, as I've said, reading is a very sacred thing for me. I was not a reader a few years ago and I started reading a lot because of my best friend. I learned from her that reading doesn't have to be expensive or out of reach. I know I read a lot more than an average person does in a month, but I don't acknowledge myself as a bookworm. Part of the reason is because I'm not a fan of labels, another is because I think being a bookworm is so much more than reading one or two books every fucking day of your life.
When I joined the Goodreads community almost two years ago, I learned that there is a vaaaaaast world of books out there, consisting of books, authors, readers, librarians, boookworms, reviewers, and many more. The books vary from romance, the classics, comedy, tragedy, drama, young adult fiction, paranormal, western, historical fiction, non-fiction, manga, picture books, and a lot (emphasis on the lot) more. It's a very very big world.
And that's why I don't call myself a bookworm. For me, bookworms are like Kuya K.D. of Goodreads. I think he's already in his forties or so. The reason I think of him as a bookworm is because just like books, the genre he reads always varies. It doesn't stay in one place. It ranges from books for ages 1-3 to books written centuries ago. And he understands all of it. He pays attention to every detail, how the author conveys a story, how the book was written, the moral and message of the story, everything. He knows everything there is to it in reading. And for me, that's how a bookworm should be.
Again, I don't consider myself as such. I'm more of a... romance reader. Lol. I think I can never call myself as one because I have a huuuge bias on happy endings and I stay away from books that doesn't contain that. Yes, I want to be like Kuya K.D. someday, but I think I have to start on changing my ways first. Since I'm young, I am shallow. I'm not ashamed of it. I don't care if a happy ending or a romantic scene or an "inspirational" message can make me squeal and shout  with glee, I love the way I read and the books I read. But as I've said, when I grow older I hope I can be a versatile reader too. Reading another genre is like traveling to another place, it's very disconcerting at first, but as you spend more time in that place, you'll finally feel more at home. Happy reading! :-)

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