Today was a very busy and exhausting day for me. I had the day all to myself again but didn't planned to be like this. I learned last night that kuya finally sent us some allowance. But I remembered that I recently lost my school i.d. which is a real bummer because the semester will end three weeks from now and I don't want to pay for a new one since I would have another one come enrollment. Pft. Anyway, I told my mom I would use my i.d. from my high school days.
I went to Cebuana Lhuilier and  presented my i.d. but they declined my transaction and told me that the reason why the "academic year" is stated on the i.d. is because it serves as the "expiration date" of the card. Another bummer. They told me to go to BDO Pacific. I went, and they declined my transaction too. I told them that I have account in Mega and maybe it could serve as identification. The clerk told me that it's possible. So I went to Mega, told the clerk that I lost my i.d. and asked if my account could serves as my i.d. After some persuasion, they relented. I filled up the form and then... boom! Hindi pala yung usual na inuutusan ni Kuya yung sender. Ka-gago. I don't have any choice since banks are usually firm on their rules, so I went home and IMed my Kuya on Facebook. He replied at 1pm and so I went to Mega again. Apparently the clerk was on break so I have to wait until 2:30 pm. I KNOW! Who the hell goes on break for one and a half hours? Pagmamay-ari ang bangko?! Anyway, I finally got the money so I went to Pacific again to run some errands for my mom.
And that explains why I have this book with me right now. Lol. Before I went to the supermarket to buy some grocery, I went to Book Sale (of course) first. I actually wanted to buy Highland Crossings but found out unfortunately that it was gone. Maybe it was bought already. I don't know. That's the frustrating part. Sinong tao ang nakaalam na maganda yon?! Hahahaha. So I went to look for another book to buy. I suddenly missed reading Historical Fiction and Western (which are my comfort zones) and went to that section of the bookstore. My choices are Dakota Born by Debbie Macomber, A Heart Speaks and Small Town Girl by LaVyrle Spencer, and McKettrick's Choice by Linda Lael Miller. I know them and I know that they're famous and good romance authors. Spencer is actually one of my favorite authors. But something told me to go for Miller (30 pesos only!). When I got home, I looked it all up on the Internet and was very happy with my choice! :-)

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