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It's been a long time since I've blogged about... well, anything. There's nothing new, except for the fact that I'm currently on a hiatus from reading. I don't know. I've been busy all summer long and up until now...
  • I don't know when my summer vacation started, but maybe it was in the middle of March... I went to Manila (at my ninang's house) and stayed there for 2 weeks together with my nephew (just the three of us) where I gained 22 pounds. In just two weeks!!! I know. All we did was eat, sleep, and repeat for 2 weeks!
  • We went home on March 30. I attended a birthday celebration on April 1 and my cousins were VERY surprised when the saw me. Hahaha. I have a photo to show as evidence.
    I never really believed people when they say I'm fat. I don't know. Maybe because we can't really see ourselves just by looking at the mirror. Maybe others can see the "real" us. So when I saw this photo, I was surprised as well. I never believed that I've gotten this big.
    • And since I was going to be a bridesmaid on May 3, I panicked and decided to go on a diet the day after! Those days were some of the most painful experiences of my life.  I was eating less than 1200 everyday. I stopped eating rice. And after a while, I've lost my appetite and stopped eating meat too. I only eat vegetables and fruits. But all the hard work paid off because I lost 22 pounds!

     This was me last May 2, 2014. I was 50 or so kilos at that time. I know I'm still not "skinny" and my arms and legs are still huge (even now), but I'm happy. Well, to say that I'm "happy" is an understatement because I am ECSTATIC. I actually made it!!!
    • After the wedding of my cousin in Baguio last May 3, we went home to Cabanatuan. I was at my aunt's almost everyday up to May 12 just hanging out with my cousins. And EATING. Hahaha. To eat freely again is one of the nicest feelings in the world. Hahahaha. Ugh. I miss you, cousins!
    • And since we ate a lot, I was afraid that I got fat again. So I went on a diet again for ten days before the opening of the new school year. And I actually achieved it! AGAIN!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy

    Right now, my weight ranges from 49 kilos and 52 kilos. Every time I eat something and feel bloated because of the amount of food I've  consumed, I always feel fat. It became an obsession. An annoying one too. It's so hard to maintain your weight and keep it on a constant value since eating can be so therapeutic, especially with all these school works!

    P.S. For women, losing just ONE kilo of body mass is actually a MIRACLE. So don't be hard on yourself, okay? Unlike men, we don't shed body fat THAT FAST. So if you can't see any results even with one week of dieting, don't give up! Just wait and be patient. Continue your diet and see the fruitful results in the end! Wink ;)

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