College tip

People should not judge others based on the school that they are currently enrolled in. They should not also make judgments about you because of the course/program you're studying. Every college program is different and every person is different. Just because you think it's good, does not always mean that another person will think of the same  thing. We all have our own weaknesses, and we all have our own strengths. And you may be successful right now in what you do, but that does not mean that we can all be successful if we take up the same course/program that you did. We all take different paths, different roads. We make our own decisions, our own mistakes, our own choices. No one should dictate it to us.

So if you're an incoming first year student and you're still undecided on what course to take and program to choose, just always remember to do it for yourself and don't ever make a choice based on what your parents or your friends or your relatives told you.

And if you ever find yourself unhappy in your first semester, then shift to another course. Mistakes are a crucial part in growing up. You would never know what you really want in life unless you try it.

Looking back, I start to wonder if I would be happier if my mom did not dismissed me when I told her I wanted to take up Interior Design in college, when I was still a kid. If she told me to go for it and pursue it, would I be in an arts school and studying to be an interior designer right now? Would I even consider taking up Biology and IT in college? I don't know.

And that is why I want you to make decisions based on what you really want to do and what your heart is telling you. I don't want to you to have "what ifs" and regrets in life. Yes, you will probably make mistakes along the road. But at least you tried. You tried. And that will make you stronger.

Don't let other people, even if they're your parents, to decide for yourself. Speak up. Do what you want. You're old enough to do that. Go ahead and spread your wings. Try something new. Make risks. Make mistakes. Don't take anyone's orders. In the end, you won't regret the mistakes but the opportunities you didn't take.

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