Summer outfits

Kung payat ako? Mag-i sleeveless talaga ko! Kaya lang hindi. Pero kung sakali lang naman. Hahaha. Eto yung mga na-type-an kong outfits for summer

All sandals are from zara.com

I'm really not a fan of sandals. Ayokong pinapakita yung paa ko. Pero since it's summer, parang mas maganda kapag naka-sandals ka, para maginhawa tingnan. At chaka beach/mall/parties appropriate.

First dress from hm.com - Middle dress from lojalabob.com - Last dress from rarefashion.co.uk
Again, I'm not a fan of dresses. Pero kung payat ako, mag-de dress din ako ngayon summer. Yung mga dress na flirty ganun. Hahaha!

Topleft skirt from collete.fr - topright skirt from stylefruits.co.uk - bottom left skirt from elle.com - bottom right skirt from wolfandbadger.com
Kung payat yung binti ko mag-i skirt na lang din ako lagi. Hayyys. Anyway, favorite ko yung brown! Hehehe.

Dress from hm.com
Topleft button-down from sheinside.com - Topright button-down from vionneboutique.com - Bottom left button-down from vj-style.com - Bottom right button-down hm.com
There's something about button-downs that I can't resist. Hayyy. Casual, laid-back...
Top left and right from hm.com - bottom left and right from topshop.com
I know you won't peg me for the girly and flirty kind of girl, but if you're body isn't that flattering, you'll end dressing like me. I stick with the tomboyish way off dressing because girlie clothes don't suit me. But yep, gusto ko rin magsuot ng mga ganyan. Someday, someday.

top left from schutz.com - top right from mirabella.jp - bottom left from trendme.net - bottom right from amazon.com
Just like button-downs, there's also something about brogues that I can't resist. Sighhh. I love the denim one!

cardigan from arkclothing.com
I know it's summer, but I really love this cardigan! If we were a country who experiences snow, I'll wear cardigans every day when the weather gets cold.

That's about it. Cheers for the summer!

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