Welcome November!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been submerged in school duties for the last 2 weeks or so that I haven't had the time to share anything. But of course, before I share the recent happenings in my life, let's have a rundown first of the events that happened in October!
  • Of course, our final exams happened. Haha.
  • Finished my Goodreads challenge! Yayyy~
  • Got good grades in almost all of my subjects which I am very thankful.
  • Spent two weeks with AJ at Cecilia!
  • Dad's first death anniversary.
  • Won in Taragis.com's raffle!
My memory is not good (what's new) so I can't really recall everything but I think that's all. And now for November!
  • Undas at Eternal Gardens.
  • Got my academic scholarship which I've been wishing for for the last 6 months! Can't thank God enough for all the blessings!
  • Got enrolled (finally) last November 5!
  • Transferred to a different block.
As of now, I'm in the state of adjusting myself to certain changes including the fact that Jorenn and I parted ways this semester. It's hard, but too much dependency on your partner can ruin a relationship so I hope that I made the right choice.
I want to thank the Lord for giving me all of these things, the blessings. I am very grateful and I will forever be. Kahit kapos, sasapat na yan basta kasama si Lord.

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